• Smart Phone Master Technician Certification
    This smartphone master certification courses available 6 cities in Canada, you can book this mobile phone technician course in Mississauga Toronto Ottawa Montreal Calgary Edmonton Vancouver and Halifax
  • Cell Phone Repair Course Mississauga
    Courses offered Weekly Monthly Weekdays Weekends and Evening Classes, please call local contact to get more information, or book an appointment for the free seminar at 905-361-1249
  • SEO Training ( Search engine Optimization)
    A perfect course after finishing your cell phone course to market your business and website design training courses , courses included , SEO, Cyber Security, Learn Python, Java Script,
  • Data Forensic Course
    This course is very important for the law enforcement agencies and Data recovery companies , this is an advance course for the smartphone tablets , apple macintosh and PC Computers
  • Computer Courses
    We offer computer repair courses, laptop repair, programming courses word excel, power point. These classes available for beginners youth, seniors and anyone wants to learn computers.


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Cell Phone Repair Training

Cell Phone Repair Training

Our Cell Phone Repair training course is about hands on and theory not just changing IC and repair motherboards. That comes after when you know enough about every components on the logic boards for the smartphones and tablets. Our instructors are certified Electronics Technicians and recognized by top technology university in United States and UK and have PHD degree. Its all about who teaches the course and how much knowledge instructor has. If anyone is offering 1200 to 1500 dollars just showing your how to do micro soldering in 3 or 4 days its a waste of time and money. To learn proper soldering required good hands on  and practice specially on the iPhone or Samsung phone or any other phone. for example if you are changing the ic for touch back light or power ic keep in mind service providers and manufactures are now controlling motherboards via software update and that can make your current phone go dead. When updating iphone via itunes then apple server verifies to make sure everything in place and communication via Baseband and validates all the components such as bluetooth wifi gps and charging are working, if it fails then the error 4013, error 9, -1 and other error can appear, more information and teaching is done in the class room.



Author: Kevin Kmaster