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We are the first in Canada to offer cell phone repair training officially and have trained over 3000 students since 2011. Our course offered in every city in Canada to current mobile phone stores, individuals working from home and service centers. We are the only training specialist provider to teach with theory and hands on to the highest level in wireless industry. Our trained technicians have also got hired in all the major telecom industries. Our instructors have worked at Motorola , Bell Canada, Shaw Communications , All-Stream MTS formerly AT&T Canada . 

We offer courses to your school, train your students, provide all necessary material, phones, equipment, tools, supplies for hands-on exercises at very attractive rates. students will also be given local and international suppliers for phones and parts, Certificates are awarded after the course completion from our training centers. 

On-Site Training

Whether your business office,   service  center, or school requires a single course or a multi-course curriculum, we have the technology, expert instructors, management mastery to handle all aspects of your in-house training event, whenever and wherever you need it.


In-classroom Training

Training courses open to individuals and businesses and IT professionals.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

The training was designed for businesses that require a cost effective training solution and the flexibility to allow global employees to attend the same session.


We are the first to offer training to aboriginal native Canadians and continue providing support.

Sponsors are accepted from Government funded agencies, Aboriginal bands, and other organizations.

School Programs

We offer onsite training courses to school colleges and universities in every province.

We are an International Training provider

KMASTER is already in a global market to provide training for mobile phones, telecom, and IT courses.