Course Description

This course is designed for advanced technician who has strong background and working in fields for 1-3 years. Must have basic knowledge for the motherboard tablets, already know how to change screens charging ports , water damage and other issues with the mother board/logic board.

From only our course you will get to understand proper schematics and troubleshoot via component such as resisters capacitors diodes and you will get full theory of how to bring the dead phone in alive.  Other Schools in Canada will only teach you old charging port and sim card reader replace which you can learn from youtube . If you need free advise with no charge we can show you in our class once you have completed our Smart phone Master Technician Level 1-4 , which is the most power full course we are offering in Class which equipped with latest technology.

Who Should Attend

Smartphone repair technicians advanced with experience 1-3 years in field, soldering technicians, store owners, business owners, engineers, service technicians, computer technicians, high school and college students for the lab projects, IC chip removal, BGA work

Motherboard will be provided in the class room for hands on.