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Program Name: Cell Phone Course


Hands on will be on iphones ipads smartphone samsung and other android smartphone. Instant unlocking on samsung galaxy latest phone without codes and flashing s6,s7, s8  and newer samsung corrupted software to find hardware problems., icloud information data transfer and security

 Latest samsung phone unlocking, iphone unlocking iCloud and much more information collected for over 20 years from the wireless telecom and electronics.

LEVEL, 1, 2,  3 , and level 4 Please see Calendar on our main page and other courses.


 Hardware and software in detail about the main board parts, lates iphone and samsung unlocking hands on and practice opening and closing each devices with the help of instructor one on one. More phones added in each session.

iPads, Tablet glass screen  charging ,water damage  learn step by step how to fix dead mother board/logic board with special technique.

Unlocking using our unique method where you don’t have to pay anything to unlock with the software latest mobile phones such as Samsung galaxy , note, and other smartphones. We are the pioneer of unlocking business since 1999 when no one was around to crack any iphone and including sony ericsson, nokia, lg, Samsung, palm, flashing using advanced technique using test points.

Understanding 2G, 3G HSPA and 4G LTE, Communication Systems , Network, Schematic, IC on the main board, Wireless and Radio Spectrum. Network Security,  Nck, Sp Security, Unlock IMEI, Tracking , GPS, Software C++ , Hex Editing, Java Applications, Command line, ADB , CSC, Bootloader, Boot Rom, Bluetooth, SHSH, IR,

Process of Jtaging required, current Samsung phones which goes dead after installing custom firmware and the phones are bricked, The time you will spend about hardware session that’s the opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Our instructors are constantly updating their knowledge to give you the latest solution for iphone blackberry and Samsung wireless training

Latest Solution how to modify to change band on the hardware such as AWS 1700 BAND , converting phone to work in other carrier

1. Knowledge about Smartphone Technology,

Samsung galaxy note and other android model Full hands on and software flashing unlocking tools hacks and techniques.

a. BlackBerry, curve, bold, torch, bb 10, z10, z30, q5, q30 and blackberry passport

b. iPhone, 3, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5 , 5s, 5c, 6 7 and plus model

c, Samsung LTE, 4G, for galaxy s , s2, s3, s4, s5, note 2, note 3, note 4, note 5, note 7,

6, iPad, ipad air, ipad mini, apple tv and more

c. Android phones such Samsung operating system including HTC & other smartphones and Cell Phones

d. Step by step flashing phones and using enhance technique what common mistake dealers do, and detail information given.

Software Problems / Understanding Issues

GSM Technology, LTE, 4G

Network Locked phones SP, NETWORK

UNLOCKING, advanced unlocking with flashing tools

Network Security / SPC Security NCK, SPC, BLOCKED SUSPENDED IMEI black listed phones.,

Updating Software

. Downgrading Software/ flashing, fixed bricked phones and tablets

16. Software Customization , info JTAGING, ROM RAM ACESS, ADB CSC, KERNEL ETC

WHOLESALE PARTS  available to purchase parts on line or local pickup

All the latest unlocking tools password recovery tools Blackberry Unlock Sotware and more..

 iPhone , ipad, blackberry  Samsung and other smartphone including charging port and soldering technique

Unlocking special access for students

Full theory about how unlocking works and what is required to unlock a phone and how to find block and blacklisted phone  and what popular curren tools needed, Student can practice of major unlocking tools to unlock popular phones. Full access provided to student to unlock wholesale and to their customers.

For students Only We help with:

  • Startup costs to open your own retail shop repair center or work from home.
  • Provide access to reputable wholesale parts suppliers
  • Full access to our privately owned unlocking server, wholesale cost for all phones unlocking business.
  • Tools and equipment needed to operate your repair center
  • Inventory startup costs and what’s needed and keep your budget
  • Retail space allocation and where is the most traffic
  • Marketing strategy to drive instant traffic for your business with the help of our SEO team
  • Add your business listing in google business with the help of our SEO team.



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