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These are questions mostly ask when anyone wanted to know little or more about our courses.


Q:    What if I need help after I finish the course?

A:     You will be provided contact for the support for any help you needed.


Q:     Will I be able to learn the whole processes of  cell phone repair after I finish the course?

A:      Ofcourse , you will know within few hours of the class and you will be given enough hands on smart phone with theory. 

Q:    Would you help me how to start my business?

A:    Yes , we will have a session how to register a business parts and tools you would need to work from home or your own shop.

Q:    Would you give us information where to buy parts to repair phone?

A:     Yes, we’ll provide you the  the supplier who offers the best quality and cheaper prices .and process how to order parts from china.


Q:    What If I need help to prepare website?

A:     No a problem, you can see how Kmaster has done enough marketing in google and that’s how you found us.

 Q:    What if I need more training even after I finish course?

A:      This is promised since day one when  you  get into our class room.

We get inquiry from all over the world if you are living in following cities you can simply reach us by phone at

1888 828 9848 or ourside of the country