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Our approved KMASTER® training center offering cell phone repair training also known as smart phone master technician level 1-4 which the complete course you only needed , you will get free tools hands on iPhone Samsung iPad BlackBerry and other android smart phones and tablets . You can speak to the instructor live at 1888-828-9848 before you join the course to get all info. Please read the reviews below from our recent courses. Anyone can do this course and open their own business or work from home no background needed, great course to make an income, enjoy as a hobby or fix even your own phones.





Beginner level Topics will include, Screens Changing, ipad repair, iPhone repair, Samsung repair, android other phone repair, Blackberry repair,  students will learn Charging, Data Recovery, remove passwords, Water Damage, soldering,  Software Unlocking using all professional tools what currently being used in Cellular shops who is making dollars in profit. Secrets which is not available in youtube. students will get contacts of the parts suppliers, inventory and all the things needed to open a shop or work from home. learn only from our certified professional instructor who has been teaching for the past 9 years.

Advanced courses topics: back light ic, touch ic, dead phone power ic, sensors, use of microscope and technique on how to remove advanced  icloud chip , data recovery using advanced hardware equipment and software. getting data out from the dead logic boards/motherboards.






We also offer Laptop Repair Course, Micro soldering course, iPhone iPad Tablet Repair Training IC Chip Nand chip removal.  Advanced level 4 ZXW schematic troubleshooting course.  Blackberry Courses, Cyber Security, and Data forensics training chip removal and reading Nand chip from the dead mother boards. To get more information and to become an authorized training center, affiliate and franchise information please contact us.

Our Cell phone Repair Training which is the most popular course for anyone who wants to make money from home and work. We will provide you tool and all the parts contacts and give you free tools for you to keep them at home. start offering services with our help and support. Talk to our instructor directly call or text at 1-416-831-5257 WhatsApp free call to reach us.


Who should attend:

  • High School, college and university students to pay off tution and work as a part time.
  • Anyone looking to get this life time skill and open their own cell phone repair shop anywhere in the world.
  • Anyone who owns a business and wants to add more services
  • Anyone who wants to enjoy as hobby

Classes Available Weekends Also , call or text to make your reservation at 1-416-831-5257

Start making money from this skill for life!!

Smartphone Repair Master Technician Level 1-4  Complete Course

This is a complete course from the beginning to the advance level. Good to start own business or work from home or get hired for a shop.


Advanced Micro-Soldering Board level Specialist Level 5 

( for advanced user only and for student who has finished level 4)

Google Reviews

4.9   *****   
 104 Google reviews

teddy cameron

I just finished the cell phone repair course in Calgary and I am very satisfied . There was a line of communication opened with the instructor from my 1st call that I am confident will be ongoing. Dont be afraid to take this training.. I am glad I did! 😎

Jamal Abdulkareem

I had been presented in many courses in many different fields of sciences and I can say with full confidence that this is the most nice and valuable course in my life because only that the instructor Kevin is very honest and didn’t hide any technical info which he submitted to his student generously

Alkarim Janmohamed

I have just finished my 3 days course today
Best instructor
Helps a lot …

jerry edeh

I just finished the cellphone repair training level 1 to 4 in Calgary.Kevin took the course and explained everything about software and hardware repairs,ipad,tablets.Went further to teach how to set up a business of cellphone repair.I will recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to start up

Glen M.

Just completed the cell phone training program in Calgary. Kevin’s extensive knowledge, vast experience and comprehensive program equips and enables students to start making money immediately. Kevin’s commitment of on-going support and …More

Anwer Aziz

I took this course in Calgary and found it very informative and high quality standard as the hands on training was given in very professional and in educational manner. The trainer is highly experienced and knows how to train. Highly recommended !!!

joban singh

I attended the course in Calgary. Kevin is amazing. Training was worth every penny. I will highly recommend them for learning Cell Phone Repairs.

Susan Sunshine

Training is worth the investment. It would take years of research and hardships to learn as much as I did in four days. Kevin is a wealth of knowledge and wants his students to succeed. I enjoyed his class very much.

Taha Salih

I attended this course in Calgary, Kevin is very knowledgeable.
Everything you need to start your own business!
Highly recommended !!!

Hamza Shaikh

I attended training in Calgary center, KMASTER instructor Kevin explained the theory and practical in an awesome way, excellent teaching skills, made it very easy to me to fix a cell phone on the circuit level, I can’t believe just in 3 days.

Chez Mitchell

I learned so much in the few days I attended this course, that gave me the skills I could use for a lifetime and anywhere in world. The techniques and theory Kevin presented were very effective and I am looking forward in continuing my education with K master.

muhudin osman

a month ago
Great instructor and honest person that knows what he is teaching to his students, i took cellphone repair course and am 100% sure he teach us the right info practical and theory i highly recommend


Local Guide · 54 reviews · 3 photos
Kevin is a smart man on mobile devices and the world of business. I enjoyed his class very much and highly recommend it to everyone who wants to be a mobile repair technicians. I took the course in Calgary, Alberta. He comes to you and teaches you.
Response from the ownera week ago

Thank you so much. I wish you a great success in mobile phones industry. My support is available for you. Thank you for joining KMASTER®

Kelly Wheeler
1 review · 1 photo
4 months ago
We took the cell phone repair class with Kevin and I could say from the years of studying in the medical field, I wish that my professors could have been this interactive with the students. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He wants his students to succeed and gives you all the tools you need to be successful. I feel confident starting this new journey. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn something new and start a new business. Many thanks to Kmaster.
 Shaun Robstad
I traveled from Calgary to attend  the course in Mississauga, the course was very detailed and tons of hands on practical experience to ensure comprehension. I’m ready to start my repair business after course. Thank you Kevin

K. S.

5 months ago
I had a great experience training with Kevin as a Level III Repair Specialist. His up to date knowledge and engaging presence allows students to extract useful, relevant industry knowledge. His program includes plenty of hands-on training on all major makes and phone models, including tablets and security functions. Kevin also provided helpful entrepreneurial advice and industry contacts. Highly recommend!
Minh Tai Du
2 months ago
This is the best training course with the best teacher. I can fix iPhone and Samsung phone after 4 days course.
Shiwali Arora
5 months ago
I never thought I could repair latest phones with a training course of just 4 days. But the training worked wonders for me. It has only been two weeks since I have finished the training and I would have fixed over 15 latest phones. This training course will train you in Cellphones A to Z. All Thanks to Kevin!